About me

Chiara Rossi Urtoler

Cognitive-Behavioral Psychologist Psychotherapist, 

ACT and Mindfulness practitioner

in Modena, Italy

Hi, I'm a therapist, teacher, mother and I especially love traveling, skiing, sailing, cooking, yoga and translating!


  • Psychotherapist with adults, teenagers and couples.
  • Insight Timer Teacher (see free meditations at the bottom of this page).
  • Psychoeducational courses
  • ACT facilitator
  • Translator and disseminator of ACT material
  • Open-School teacher at the School of Specialization in Psychotherapy in Modena.

Professional training

  • Degree in Cognitive and Psychobiological Psychological Sciences and the Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Padua.
  • Specialized in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy at the School of Specialization in Cognitive Studies.

Since 2013 I have focused especially on Mindfulness and ACT, attending the following training, courses and workshop:

  • "ACT basic, intermediate and advanced" - ACT-ITALIA
  • "ACT IMMERSION" and "ACT in Practice" - Steven Hayes (USA)
  • "ACT  for Trauma”  and "ACT for Loss and Grief" and "ACT For Self-Harming and Suicidality" and "ACT for Worrying, Ruminating and Obsessing" –  Russ Harris (Australia)
  • "The Therapeutic Relationship in ACT."  and "Working With Self and Identity" and "Exploring Values in ACT" – Kelly Wilson
  • "ACT for Adolescents” –  Russ Harris (Australia), Sheri Turrell (Canada), Chris McCurry (USA), Ben Sedley (UK)
  • Self-compassion” - Kristin Neff
  • "Science of Compassion and Mindfulness” CFT – Dennis Tirch, Laura Silberstein & Paul Gilbert
  • "Advanced strategies in the use of the ACT Matrix" - Benjamin Schoendorff 
  • "Cultivate psychological flexibility in the therapeutic relationship" - Robin Walser (USA)
  • "Radical Acceptance" - Tara Brach (USA)
  • "ACT and CFT for loss and mourning"- Martin Brock (UK)
  • "FACT intervention for depression" Kirk Strosahl e Patti Robinson (Usa)
  • "Shape supervision ACT" Eric Morris (Australia)
  • "Commit and Act: effective supervision" Ellie Kazemi (Usa)
  • "ACT Webinars Praxis CET" and other webinars

        It is one of the ACBS resources for COVID-19 (you can find it here)